Let me tell you about Sarasota

Sarasota is an economic and civic stronghold along the Southwestern Coast of Florida while also being the richest and most sophisticated cultural spot along the coast.  Blessed with an awe-inspiring natural beauty and the most appealing of climates, this paradise that hosts a workforce of about 350,000 is a thriving city.  With superior schools and noteworthy research and education facilities, the County is poised for long-term, sustainable success.  Often times ranking on the “top” lists for a variety of reasons, Sarasota is frequently cited for items such as “Best Beach”, “Best Place to Retire”, “Best Place To Raise a Family”, “Best Hospital”, “Best Place to Start a Business” and so on.  On a daily  basis, when it comes to housing and shopping and dining and playing and golfing and boating and whatever else one enjoys, there is no end to the list of fabulous choices afforded to those fortunate ones who call Sarasota home.


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