If food is important to you (And who can’t say that?) then Sarasota is a perfect match for you.  The area is incredibly fortunate to have a vast variety of choices….. everything from dockside seafood shacks to prestigious, award-winning fine dining restaurants.  With the always plentiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico at hand, fresh seafood is abundant and many establishments take advantage of this gift.  Fabulous grouper and snapper are favorites of many locals as it is on your plate within hours of being caught.  Enjoy everything from Amish and Mennonite home cooking to delightful Moroccan to Vietnamese to French  and so much more.  If you enjoy some adventure in your menu then you have come to the right place.

Where to eat in Sarasota

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Please tell us about your favorite Sarasota Restaurant

  1. Name of the restaurant?
  2. What’s your favorite meal there?
  3. The wine. Or the coffee?
  4. Why you like it?
  5. Why you recommend it to others?
  6. Your experience there?
  7. Everything you like about it?
  8. What else is on their menu?
  9. How are the prices?
  10. The location?
  11. The view?
  12. The best Burger? Or Steak? Or Omelet? Or Seafood? Or Pizza

Palma Avenue Shops

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