Be Adventurous on The Edward Islands

The Roberts Bay islands are a wonderful treasure of small bits of land that are smack-dab in the middle of the bay of Sarasota.  These islands were formed when The Intracoastal Waterways was dredged back in the 1960’s.  Two in particular are noteworthy.  They are known as Big Edwards Island and Little Edwards Island and they are just south of the Siesta Key Bridge.  The bigger of the two is actually not all that big at about 6-8 acres but, what makes it special is that all of the trees and mangroves rise and fall in such a way that a huge canopy is created.  There are signs posted to advise visitors that this island is for “day use” only and that no alcohol, pets, camping or campfires are allowed but, many boaters seem to disregard these rules due to their rather “spotty” enforcement.  It seems that if everyone respects the area and uses good sense that there is some room for “grace” here!  This is a great place to fish and the dolphins are known to like to hang out in this area making it a bit more special.  One word of advice…..the bugs like it here too so take plenty of bug spray.

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Hidden Sarasota: Edwards Islands Park

Hidden Sarasota: Edwards Islands Park

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